WATCH: Columnist Booed and Escorted from CPAC After Accusing Trump of Sexual Abuse
WATCH: Columnist Booed and Escorted from CPAC After Accusing Trump of Sexual Abuse

CPAC was forced to escort National Review columnist Mona Charen from the premises on Saturday after she lectured conservatives for supporting Donald Trump.

National Review contributors have been hard on this president before and after the election.

A conservative columnist was escorted out of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday after slamming President Trump and conservatives for behaving like “hypocrites” when it comes to women’s issues.

Mona Charen, a National Review writer and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, was asked during a panel about the Left’s treatment of women what has left her most fired up in the Trump era.

“I’m actually going to twist this around a bit and say that I’m disappointed in people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women who are in our party, who are sitting in the White House, who brag about their extramarital affairs, who brag about mistreating women,” she said.

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Declining to mention Trump by name, Charen said conservatives are guilty of “look[ing] the other way” when it comes to the president and other Republican men who have faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

“This was a party that was ready to … endorse Roy Moore for Senate in the state of Alabama even though he was a credibly accused child molester,” Charen said.

“You cannot claim that you stand for women, and put up with that,” she told the crowd, as several members of the audience shouted, “Not true!”

National Review made headlines during the 2016 election when they published a special edition of several #NeverTrump leaders declaring how they will never support Donald Trump.

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Here’s the crowd reacting to Mona Charen.

Charen then called Marine le Pen a racist because of her grandfather.

“I think the only reason she was here is because she’s named Le Pen,” Charen said during a CPAC panel on the #MeToo movement. “And the Le Pen name is a disgrace. Her grandfather is a racist and a Nazi. She claims that she stands for him. And the fact that CPAC invited her is a disgrace.”

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That comment drew loud boos from the audience and jeers wondering why she was even at the conservative event. Several conservative commentators expressed outraged at Le Pen’s invite, claiming the young French politician is a “national socialist” and a false conservative.


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