NRA's Colion Noir Throws Down on Media for Glorifying Mass Shooters
NRA's Colion Noir Throws Down on Media for Glorifying Mass Shooters

Ironically, the media PR campaign is targeting the NRA even though the NRA is one of the few entities talking specifics about school safety and promoting grants to economically challenged schools to be sure they get the same quality of safety that wealthier schools enjoy.

After viewing the video below, do yourself a favor, look up “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley. Despite what Colion Noir and Dana Loesch have pointed out, media has always loved tragedy. Still, calling out their blood-lust is appropriate when media insists the NRA is to blame for every mass shooting. Despite having nothing to do with any mass shooting.

Mainstream media gives these shooters exactly what they want: attention. Validation. Heck, I was a little hesitant to post Noir’s video. For it too highlighted the shooters’ faces. But I figured Noir’s video was used to illustrate the point he was making. And, as the adage goes, no use crying over spilled milk (this website has also used the shooter’s image).

After a shooting happens, we usually hear how the shooters were awkward recluses. All angry and desperate for any and all attention. Mommy didn’t love them enough, or daddy didn’t beat on them. After a shooter carries out his massacre, media comes along to bestow upon him that which he’s always craved: acknowledgment, relevance, and sometimes immortality.

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If media really wanted these shootings to halt, shouldn’t they heed Noir’s advice (and he’s not the first to call it out), and stop giving shooters attention? In fact, shouldn’t we all (this website included) stop using any mass shooter’s face and name in news reports?

Let’s roll tape:

Something to ponder.

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