Here We Go: Media Pushes Dramatic Change to Olympic Ice Skating to Promote “Equality”
Here We Go: Media Pushes Dramatic Change to Olympic Ice Skating to Promote “Equality”

It was just a matter of time, For USA Today’s Martin Rogers, the North and South Korea’s combined women’s ice hockey team wasn’t enough forward movement on the progressive agenda.

For him, we need to step things a step further and permit same-sex couples to compete as pairs in figure-skating competitions before the world can be considered truly open-minded.

“Tolerance and understanding of the LGBT community still has some way to travel, but isn’t there enough of it for there to at least be a conversation about new Olympic events allowing two men and two women to skate in tandem?” he asked in his opinion piece.

Rogers cited the comedy “Blades of Glory” with actors Will Ferrell and Jon Heder who figure skate together. It was done for fun, he acknowledged, then asked why such a competition couldn’t be real.

blades of glory

Just as soon as Rogers poses the suggestion of a conversation for the sake of the LGBT community, he makes the argument that the event wouldn’t have anything to do with homosexuality at all.

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“It is easy to hear of same-sex pairs skating and assume it must directly be about homosexuality, but that’s nonsense,” he asserted.

“It would work best if it was about teamwork and synchronicity.”

Fortunately for the world, Rogers’ own idea won’t come to fruition for some time.

The International Skating Union is a “rather decrepit old body” according to Rogers, and to effect, such change would need a shift towards more politically-correct attitudes.

Maybe in the time span between now and when the International Skating Union catches up to the demand of an incredibly tiny amount of people Rogers will be able to make up his mind on whether or not this is an LGBT issue or not.

Here’s the fact of the matter:

Same-sex figure skating isn’t the issue, here.

The issue here is someone trying to shunt a progressive agenda down the collective throat of the Olympics-watching public in the name of progress leftism without the wherewithal to do so plainly.

It’s a classic Leftist move — sneak cultural attacks in order to affect political change.

Attempting to sneak an item of an agenda is shameful, regardless of its source or merit. Let something be an LGBT issue to be defended or attacked — don’t pretend that it’s something other than what it is.

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