Joy Reid MSNBC Screenshot December 15
Joy Reid MSNBC Screenshot December 15

In an amusing twist of fate, MSNBC anchor Joy-Ann Reid, who has frequently called out Russian election meddling, was the personal favorite pundit of the Russian trolls indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Reid, who hosts a weekend show on the network, received the most retweets of any pundit from the Russian troll farm, according to a review by Law and Crime. 

President Donald Trump received the most retweets in 2016 overall, at 578, while Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders received 27.

Reid received 267 total retweets by the Russian trolls. While that’s only about half as many retweets as the president, the irony is especially thick given her constant accusations that the president colluded with Russia in order to win the election. (Related: IT BEGINS: Adam Schiff: ‘Russians Are Very Big Fans of Our Second Amendment’)

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Jow Reid likely became a target for the Russians because they chose to promote people who thought could sow division in the country. Reid has attacked Christians, attacked LGBT, denounced Christmas bonuses for her employees, spread fake news on several occasions, joked about Nazis, and claimed the Trump era is the worst time to be a human. (Related: Army Ranger and Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto DESTROYS JoyAnn Reid For Comparing Niger Attack to Benghazi)

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