Jim Carrey Promotes Gun Control, Attacks Trump in Latest 'Artwork'
Jim Carrey Promotes Gun Control, Attacks Trump in Latest 'Artwork'

Ever since the crazed maniac, who resembles a Geico Caveman, shot up the Florida school, liberal celebrities have been crawling out of their gated mansions, armed security guards at their side, to lecture us on guns.

Usually with some sort of reference to our Cheetos-hued commander-in-chief being an uncaring enabler of child-killers.

Nobody cranked up the anti-Trump gun-grabbing rhetoric quite like Jim Carrey. The man most famous for talking out of his rectum did just that while he was debuting his latest “artwork.”

The unusual actor shared a drawing he created of Trump playing golf amid the dead bodies of presumably students killed last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The artwork included the caption: “What’s wrong with these kids? Didn’t they hear me yell, FORE!”

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“It’s President’s Day and Chief Little Hands has been busy tweeting from his golf resort, a chip shot away from the latest bloody school shooting. He was hoping to play a few holes while grieving families are busy digging them,” Carrey tweeted.

So, this is what passes for “art” these days. Something tells me Jim Carrey should stick to his day job. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone burned-out on his schtick about twenty or so years ago.

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Ace Ventura Pet Detective thinks it’s rude for Trump to play a round of golf a week after the shooting. On the other hand, it’s a-okay for Jim to use the students’ bodies as props in his gun control crusade. Some of that signature liberal consistency at work, folks.

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Despite The Mask’s schizophrenic ramblings, President Trump isn’t entirely against gun control. He’s already endeavoring to appease the anti-gun gods with offerings of bump-fire stocks and expanded background checks.

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Not exactly a policy that’s near-and-dear to his base’s heart. Trump’s about-face on the boomsticks, although misguided like a boy in a dress and heels, shows he isn’t unmoved by the tragedy in Florida.

The moral of the story? Think before you paint, Jimbo. Or do anything for that matter.

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