400 Pound Plus-Sized Model Represents 'Fluffy' Men, Demands You Find Him Beautiful
400 Pound Plus-Sized Model Represents 'Fluffy' Men, Demands You Find Him Beautiful

Today’s Feminists are all about sharing their cellulite, chapped thighs, and back bewbs. With literally everyone. Some even demand we say “You is kind, you is smart, you is beautiful.” If not, you is a sexist pig.

Who isn’t attracted to pigs. Now queer, obese, male models have something to say: I’m big, I’m hairy, and I’m not going away.

Arcadio Del Valle is your average, ripple sided, obese model. His mission: I’m trying to represent the average-height, fluffy men that get forgotten.

“All bodies are beautiful bodies and should be part of the movement, regardless of who you are and what you look like,” he says. “The men’s side needs to embrace that more and be more comfortable, including men that are more than just average size or masculine all the time. My goal is to prove and show that you can kill it and slay it at any size. (I want to) show the industry and anyone who doubted that bigger men are capable and worthy. Even with the critiques and cyberbullying, I’m determined to strive for greatness and positivity for all.”

We can’t wait to follow his journey.

This fluffy man will surely not be “forgotten.” Nor will anyone want to follow him. Flatulence ahead.

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WARNING: The following images may induce the uncontrollable urge to burn one’s device.

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I’m realizing I’m super different for this industry, because I do my own thing and just be myself. While they are looking or focusing on masculine, butch, tall men I’m over here in my own world trying to represent the average height, fluffy men that get forgotten or bypassed a lot of the times and happens to love a good highlighter✨. Sometimes I say i should tone it down or wear less makeup or show less body to be accepted, but then I wouldn’t be myself, living my truth. Believe me I am tying my best to represent us as a whole gay, straight, male or female, young and old, big or skinny . Not only with Fashion but with Body Positivity and whatever else that will help give representation to all, not just one group. Trying to be 360 here. • • FYI: Nothing wrong with masculine men, I’m just making a point. Everyone is worthy. 😘 • • Photography: @jclopez617 • • #BigAndTall #streetfashion #streetstyle #urbanfashion #malemodel #mensfashion #beardgang #beardporn #malefashion #bigmensfashion #bigandtallmodel #gay #gaymen #Instagay #malestyle #fashion #fatshion #plussizemalemodel #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards #brawn #plussizemenswear #plusmenrevolution #brawnsquad #BodyPositivity #WLYG #celebratemysize

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Happy Valentines Day❤️. • • I know this is a day that’s lonely for some or hard for some as cheesy as it sounds. We all long for companionship and for someone to like or love us and enjoy a day like today with someone by our side. I believe there is someone for everyone some may take longer to find them some sooner. Today celebrate yourself, your friendships and loved ones. Just because we are single doesn’t mean we aren’t wanted, we just have something more special that’s meant for us. Trust me I wish i was being taken out to the Cheesecake Factory🤣. • • • #BigAndTall #streetfashion #streetstyle #urbanfashion #malemodel #mensfashion #beardgang #beardporn #malefashion #bigmensfashion #bigandtallmodel #gay #gaymen #Instagay #malestyle #fashion #fatshion #plussizemalemodel #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards #brawn #plussizemenswear #plusmenrevolution #brawnsquad #BodyPositivity #WLYG #celebratemysize

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Hmm. I get the feeling this isn’t indicative of the “average” “man.” Maybe it’s not the fatness. Maybe it’s the makeup and fashion choices. Fringe sleeves and transparent harnesses aren’t doing those man bewbs any favors.

Febe Disgust Gif

Kudos to whoever is still here. You obviously have a strong stomach. We apologize for the images above, but there’s a point. The LGBTQAAIP (silent F) community said their gayness wouldn’t affect the rest of the world. They said their “equality” wouldn’t affect anyone’s personal lives. Now, expect to see these images invading our eye holes.

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Likely from clothing manufacturers bent on touting “acceptance” and an unhealthy lifestyle. Problem is, not only do such brands repel customers, they’re pushing for a movement which wants to suffocate the rights of anyone who’s not queer as a flying unicorn.

No one says it better than this commenter on the plop-shaped model’s Instagram:

mymansionlife – All straight males should be offended that mainstream fashion and media executives are trying (to) promote this image as a representation of anything that has to do with us.

Indeed, liberals continue to barrage everyone with a demand for acceptance of minorities’ demands, in spite of the majority of society. Evading the responsibility of fitness and encouraging poor health in the rest of America.

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