Model and vlogger Alexandra Thomas is comfortable in her skin. (Photo: Instagram/learningtobefearless)
Model and vlogger Alexandra Thomas is comfortable in her skin. (Photo: Instagram/learningtobefearless)

Alexandra Thomas is a plus-size model and vlogger. But she’s so much more than that; she’s also a sensitive crybaby. She was so traumatized by a dermatologist recommending another doctor could help with her weight, she ran to her iPhone to let everyone know.

While we don’t normally worry about videos like this, at least not in the same way a plus size model might worry about having to walk upstairs. It’s a new thing on the left to celebrate unhealthy behavior (see “Fat Activist” Asserts That Being Fat Has Nothing To Do With Your Health and Meatier models making a big business splash in Sports Illustrated). But I don’t live her life.

Plus there’s a size 18 hole where context should be. A dermatologist making unsolicited comments on someone’s weight seems a tad odd. But the story is getting national attention, with reporters accusing the doctor of “fat shaming.”

Are we really at a point where it’s fat-shaming for a doctor to suggest to a fat person, “you might want to drop a few pounds?” Because like I said, there’s a lot of missing context. For instance, mayhaps being overweight could be a cause for whatever sent Thomas to the dermatologist in the first place. That’s not fat-shaming. That’s you have a problem with X, Y might be causing it, so do something about Y and it could fix X.

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I wasn’t in the room. I don’t know what was discussed. But it’s alarming how fast society jumps to blaming a doctor for expressing concern about a patients weight. Just because that person decided to cry on YouTube.

Fat isn’t healthy. Doctors have a vested interest in health. It’s not rocket science.


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