Derp to end ALL DERPS! Chelsea Handler’s latest attempt at impeaching Trump DUMBEST yet

If you are a male Republican this is your one and only warning. Chelsea Handler is on the prowl…for you.

In the name of “bipartisanship,” the comedian turned political activist said on Twitter that it’s her “goal” to “sleep with a Republican—voluntarily.”

“It’s going to be tricky,” she added.

Handler declared in October that she was leaving her Netflix gig to pursue politics full time with the purpose of reaching across the aisle to her political foes, though her Twitter feed begs the differ. (By the way, reports claim Handler was being canceled and that’s why she announced her allegedly voluntary departure.)

“Like so many across the country, the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me,” said Handler in a statement posted to social media. (Related: Chelsea Handler Finally Crosses The Line — Straight Up Calls Sarah Sanders A Whore…)

“I want to travel the country and visit areas and people I don’t know enough about, speak at colleges and listen to students, and gain a better understanding of our political divide,” she explained. (Related: Chelsea Handler Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Looks, Calls Her ‘Pure Evil’ In Defense)

Apparently, this includes sleeping with a Republican.

Watch you backs Republican men.

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