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At this point, the entire country has witnessed the absolute carelessness, desperation, and straight out foolishness from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in his efforts to bring down President Donald Trump, and now they report Schiff sent his staff to collect what he was told was “compromising material” on the President.

The problem? The call to Schiff originated from two infamous Russian pranksters, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, also known as “Vovan and Lexus,” who have made a career out of pranking high-level politicians and celebrities.

In the call to Schiff’s office, the duo told Adam Schiff that they had “dirt,” on the President, of which they claimed were “naked photos of the President,” to which Schiff was recorded by the pair discussing his illicit Russian investigation.

Adam Schiff starts the call by thanking the nonexistent ‘Chairman’ Andriy Parubiy for his time, and even goes as far as “warning him that Russian spies were listening in” on their conversation. I’m serious.

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“I would caution that our Russian friends may be listening to the conversation so I wouldn’t share anything over the phone that you wouldn’t want them to hear,” said Schiff.

Take a listen folks, below is the audio from the Adam Schiff prank:

The two pranksters pretended to be a nonexistent Ukrainian politician saying they had proof Trump had sex with Russian glamour model Olga Buzova after a Miss Universe pageant back in 2013.

They alleged that Vladimir Putin of Russia had this information as well and was using it as a way to blackmail and control President Trump.

Thirsty Adam Schiff couldn’t pass up the opportunity and seemingly believed that he may have something to further slander or defame the President within his reach.

Schiff has now claimed “he wasn’t fooled by the duo,” but the audio paints an entirely different picture of what happened.

After the pair tell Adam Schiff they have the evidence, which is alleged to be nonexistent photographs of President Trump in Moscow, naked, with a Russian model, Adam Schiff then asks the duo if they have “Materials to provide to the [House Intelligence] Committee or the FBI to corroborate their claims,” to which they jokingly respond, “sure, of course.”

Adam Schiff in no way sounds as if he’s aware he’s being pranked, and if you listen closely you can hear the sound of his bug-sized eyelids opening wide as the drool drips from his foaming mouth at the thought of having something to prove Putin had a case to blackmail the President with the pictures.

While the pair thought it was extraordinarily hilarious, the desire by Adam Schiff to listen in and jot down everything he’s being told is somewhat disturbing.

You can literally gain a sense of just how badly he wants to hurt the Trump Administration and America in this prank. It’s disgusting.

The pranksters continue by saying that they’re ready to provide the “compromising materials to the FBI,” to which Schiff asks them, “so you have recordings where they’re discussing the ‘compromising materials’ on Mr. Trump?”

There’s zero doubt Schiff believed this. The parasitic left-wing of America folks, it’s terrifying, and the lengths the Democrats are willing to go towards in order to hurt our President is beyond dangerous.

For Schiff to claim he wasn’t fooled by this is an outright lie, or he must be an award-winning actor because during the period of the call he certainly seems to crave the evidence.

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Schiff said, “I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this. And we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it probably would be best to provide these materials both to our committee and to the FBI.”

Now here’s what destroys the office of Adam Schiff’s claims that they “knew the call was fake,” there’s a series of emails sent back and forth between the pranksters and Schiff’s office where they’re asking to arrange for a meeting to pick up the “compromising materials” to harm Trump.

Here’s all of the emails between the office of Schiff and the pranksters, as reported by The Daily Mail:

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

This prank would have been hilarious if it weren’t so revealing as to how insane the left is about destroying the President.

What exactly won’t the Democratic Party do in order to attack President Trump?

Adam Schiff is both a liar, a leaker, and a despicable person in general.

It sounds to me as if Schiff was asking these men, who he was under the impression was a Ukrainian politician, to collude with the Democratic Party to attack the President.

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By definition, this would mean Adam Schiff was working with a foreign power. Not only is that the definition of why you’d obtain a FISA warrant against an American, but in Schiff’s case, it sounds like he’s determined to commit sedition.

Little Adam Schiff is just sad!


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