Feminist Fight Club: Women Beat Each Other Up To Challenge Patriarchy

The media is at it once again, this time to push angry feminists who despise men, conservatives, right-wingers, the patriarchy and everyone else leftists hate can all come together and release their frustration and resentment towards the said groups.

It would appear that screeching and squealing and having public meltdowns isn’t enough for them to calm down so now they literally have to fight each other.

Feminists in Britain have started their own fight club (Femme Feral) and the first rule of feminist fight club is to talk about it like it’s everybody’s business.

The founder of Femme Feral, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, maintains that British women are oppressed and that it is only right if they come and fight in her basement (to… you know… release their energy… nothing sexual going on here…) Patey-Ferguson made a statement on her fight club.

Femme Feral is a queer fighting club. We want to bring down the conservative government, we want to destroy the patriarchy, we want to take up lots of space, we want to make lots of noise. We are really angry about the way that women and female identifying people are being treated around things like BREXIT and this conservative government and having nowhere to put that anger.”

In other words, she hates democracy and wants to beat up (or watch other women beat up) women because the last two British elections didn’t go her way. This surely cannot be healthy for the human mind.

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Although the idea of watching women fighting may be appealing to some, there is nothing pretty about this. Because third wave feminists are unable to properly form a fist, they grapple hold of each other, throw themselves on the floor and shout about how much they hate British Prime Minister.

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Before each fight, the members reminisce over how men catcall them (builders flirtatiously whistling at them) or how someone misgendered them in the past and made them angry. After they feel like they are in the fighting spirit, they roll around and hug because it makes them feel close. The competitiveness of Femme Feral is to see which feminist could get on top of the other feminist first and practically sit on them cowboy style. At the end, they all go into a unison chant calling for Theresa May to die.

In Great Britain, feminism is regressing more than ever before, with only 7% of British women calling themselves feminists. This is most likely due to certain past times like this; people aren’t interested in feminism because feminism has been overrun by Cultural Marxists and losers into their mid 30’s who cant get boyfriends and are looking for someone else to blame but themselves.

Feminism does not appeal to young women, especially those women who see the importance of settling down and not being a laughing stock to the general public.

Below is the video so you can see for yourself.

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Warning: Video contains vulgar images, I would advise you to not watch whilst or just after eating.

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