Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell cited Tucker Carlson Friday of doing the bidding of Russia — and the Fox News host did not take kindly to that.

Tucker asked, “In the case of today’s memo, what specifically have I espoused that empowers threats to our country?”

MEMO RELEASED: FISA warrant to snoop on Trump was reliant on oppo research dossier

“You’re peddling the narrative that the Trump administration is putting out,” Swalwell said, “Which also is the Putin narrative, because they’re retweeting this with their Russian bots.”

“So I’m working for Putin too? I wonder, if you perceive the total collapse…” the Daily Caller co-founder responded.

“If you’re on the same side as Wikileaks and Putin, you should take a step back and wonder whose bidding are you really doing?” the Democrat said.

John McCain Condemns the FISA Memo: “Serve(s) No American Interest… Only Putin’s”

“I don’t even know what to say,” Carlson responded. “I don’t want to explode on TV so I’m just going to end this segment now. Let the record reflect you’ve accused me of working for a hostile foreign government. We’ll be back soon.”


H/T Dailycaller

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