Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips went to New York University last week to ask students what they thought about President Donald Trump’s first official State of the Union address.

The only problem? The speech hasn’t happened yet.

That didn’t stop students from condemning Trump’s address, with some calling it “offensive” and “ridiculous.”

On “Fox & Friends First” on Monday, Phillips said he was not surprised by the reflexively anti-Trump responses, given the current political environment on college campuses across the country. (Related: VIDEO: NY Liberals rave over Bernie’s tax plan — Interviewer reveals it’s Trump’s)

He explained that most colleges only push a liberal ideology, which results in many students holding a negative view of Republicans and conservatism.

“For people that pride themselves on being so open-minded and so tolerant, it was disappointing — but not surprising — to see they made up their mind based on rhetoric, based on preconceived ideas about Donald Trump and about the Republican Party, but not actually on facts,” Phillips said.



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