Democratic Candidate Releases World's Worst Political Ad. Featuring 'Blackface...'

It would appear the Democrats are in a race for the most wokest campaign ad, the following politician missed the mark by a hundred purple-haired fat SJWs lined up for buy-one-get-one Big Mac. In a show of self-righteous insanity, this tone-deaf crapstain is now being accused of blackface (see Chelsea Manning Releases Her First Senate Campaign Ad and WATCH: Democratic Candidate Dan Helmer Mocked By Both Sides, Cringeworthy Top Gun Style Campaign Ad).

From the first harmonica note, we knew this was a bad idea.

…Democratic state representative Stacey Evans’ ad, which centers on her visiting King’s childhood church in Atlanta, the has been accused of being tantamount to blackface.

In the ad, Evans speaks with parishioners at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn neighborhood, eventually culminating in the offensive fade-in before cutting to her campaign slogan, “Bringing HOPE back to Georgians.”

Evans, who was reportedly not authorized to film inside Ebenezer but did anyway, has been summarily dissed for the misstep.

“No matter how much others may seek division for political gain, we will remain focused on bringing Georgians together to win this election and accomplish those goals,” Evans said in a statement.

The only thing this video was missing was a reception table in the church foyer filled with mac and cheese, chicken fried steak, ham hocks, cornbread, and a donation pot to cover the funeral expenses of her political career.

We aren’t saying this ad is offensive, it’s merely constant with the left’s lack of style. Like firing off confidential private emails from a government address for convenience. Threatening career Capital Police over a laptop. Or running their careers on dirty money and virtue point coins, becoming multi-millionaires off a 175k a year salary.

We’re not calling for her scalp. She’s orchestrated her own political hanging quite nicely:

Ah, sweet sweet backfiring.

H/T Raw Story, LWC

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