Despite many of the Women’s March protestors carrying anti-Trump signs, few of them can really explain why they hate President Trump or even what exactly they are protesting.

There seems to be some confusion about what the Women’s March is fighting for. As best as I remember, women’s reproductive rights were guaranteed in 1973.

However you may feel about Mike Pence or the president, the Trump administration has made no steps towards overturning Roe v. Wade. In contrast to his vice president, who has far less power and cares about a lot of more important issues (by that I mean things with a chance of changing), Trump appears to be a loud supporter of the LGBTQ community and appears to have no plans at fighting steps towards income equality.

Like everyone except those on the margins, he believes men and women should be treated equally. President Trump actually hired women in executive roles in the real estate business decades before it was commonplace. Female unemployment is at an all-time low.

The Women’s March bothers a lot of Conservatives because it conflates issues that have no bearing in reality. It is an emotional protest about things that have never happened. It’s all rooted in fear, paranoia, and insanity. The perfect example of this paranoia is the women who dress like handmaids, from the highly overrated Amazon series, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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Margaret Atwood’s book of the same title was heavily influenced by the Iranian revolution when the state became a theocracy in 1979. Trump is one of the only world leaders who has made the bold step of supporting the people in a protest against that very same totalitarian regime. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a fantasy about how America could turn into Saudi Arabia. Atwood imagined a world where a caricaturized extreme Christian right would attain power.

Trump’s election and morally scrupulous past proves the Christian right has absolutely no power over the culture. We don’t live in a fascist state and all fears of fascism descending should have been swept aside over the last year.

No one on the left seems to be aware of the huge economic growth the country is going through under the new administration. People on the left appear to have no grip on reality, because the media and each other feed this picture that Trump is a racist Nazi.

The Russia story won’t die even though there is no evidence of any collusion. In a more objective version of reality, it would be clear to see that Trump just speaks a little too freely in the manner anyone in a bar would have 20 years ago. Archie Bunker would’ve been fighting with Trump, not holding some sort of communion for racist and sexist better days past.

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The election is over and Donald Trump is no longer baiting the fringes of society with pseudo-racist and conspiratorial proclamations.

No one in the media or the mainstream culture has mentioned his pivot into a president who in spite of saying some off-putting things to leftists off the cuff without any clear self-interest is largely a moderate and sensible policymaker.

The tax cuts the Democrats cried foul about are delivering exactly what they promised, lower tax rates with less room for creative accounting, which will almost certainly drive in more revenue for the government to rebuild America. Families of four making less than $50,000 per year are exempt from federal income tax.

The economy is at a record high with huge — yuge — spikes in job creation. So again, what exactly are these women protesting?

In a binary race, many people believed Hillary’s policies were so bad that they voted for Trump in spite of the “grab em’ by the pussy tape.” They were not supporting Trump’s behavior and the majority of the voters were not racist. Never mind the fact that Hillary stood by someone who had far worse claims including actual rape (not just groping) slung at him.

If we are to live in a society that assumes guilt, the left is chaining us into a totalitarian state a lot faster than Trump and voluntarily.

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Video produced by The Scoop for The Gateway Pundit below:

Clueless Women's March Protesters Struggle To Answer Even Basic Questions

Despite many of the Women's March protestors holding anti-Trump signs, few of them can actually explain why they hate Trump or even what exactly they are protesting.Video produced by The Scoop

Posted by Gateway Pundit on Thursday, January 25, 2018

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