Survey Shows America Dislikes LGBTQ Community More Than Before. Some Ideas Why...

Have you ever thought to yourself “I need to get out there and ram my lifestyle choices down the throats of unexpecting Americans?” Tucking that penis in between your thighs, slapping a bit o’ duct tap on and running out into the world screaming “LOOK AT ME,” and Then singing their tyrannical mantra of “Accept me or I’ll dox you and ruin your professional life forever, you intolerant bigot.”

Another part of LGBTers’ daily routine seems to be blaming everyone else for their problems. For instance, now they’re blaming their bad reputation on Trump, as Americans increasingly dislike their maddening hoards.

Fresh from a report:

A new study released by GLAAD on Thursday found a “significant decline in overall comfort and acceptance of LGBTQ people.” This marks the first time in this particular study’s four-year history that the numbers have declined.

In case you are too lazy to Google, GLAAD stands for “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.” They’re a media monitoring organization. GLAAD has been bored because their gay comrades at CNN and NBC have been monitoring themselves. Hence the study.

 Through a series of questions, non-LGBTQ people are asked to rate their comfort level in various situations involving LGBTQ people — from LGBTQ weddings to school curriculum that includes LGBTQ history.

In every single situation, comfort level declined from last year. Three areas where discomfort showed a “significant increase” were “learning a family member is LGBTQ,” “learning my child’s teacher is LGBTQ,” and “learning my doctor is LGBTQ.” The backward step included a reduced number of “allies” (non-LGBTQ respondents who were either “very” or “somewhat” comfortable in all situations) and increased number of “detached supporters” (non-LGBTQ respondents whose comfort level varied).

Hmm. Given the tolerant nature of America, one would expect tolerance to rise. Not fall.

The results are emblematic of a tumultuous — and often discouraging — year for LGBTQ rights and marginalized communities as a whole. It’s an issue that permeated the news since the election of President Trump, who — after supporting the LGBTQ community on the campaign trail — has taken active measures to limit their civil rights.

So they’re trying to draw a connection between their un-likeableness and Trump. Who supposedly suddenly caused America, who’s totes woke, to become intolerant. Makes as much sense as forcing pantyhose around a man’s mossy trunk thighs. It just doesn’t fit.

In the last two years, brightly-haired SJW feminists have been marching down streets, burning trash cans, and leaving a skidmark of their gayness all over America.

LGBTQ rainbow clothes, unibrows, and non-strategically placed leather thongs have also blinded the eyes of innocent bystanders. Children included (see: Drag Queen In Satanic Garb with Horns Reads to Little Kids at Michelle Obama PUBLIC Library).

Blindness and destruction of property aren’t conducive to winning fans. Especially when demanding everyone praise “The L Word” or else Amy Schumer will give lap dances.

We can’t say for sure if President Trump influenced the answers on this survey. We also can’t say tantrum-throwing gays caused the responses. But we can point out the obvious: people don’t like skittles if they’re used as high-velocity missiles.

Quit oversexualizing kids, quit shoving your lifestyle choices down out throats.

Exhibit 1) Adult Erotic Store’s New ‘Covergirl’ Is a Nine-Year-Old Boy Dressed as Drag Queen

Exhibit 2) WATCH: Drag Queens Teach Toddlers Songs About Transgenderism

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Exhibit 4) YouTube channel teaches kids about dressing in drag and being transgender: ‘Queer Kid Stuff’

Exhibit 5) ‘Lactatia’, an 8-year-old drag queen says if your parents don’t let you drag, ‘you need new parents’

Trust me when I say this. I could do this all night. But I will stop at 5.

I could care less who you sleep with, what you want to wear, what you want to call yourself. Do you. I just don’t need it in front of my face every chance you get.

Just stop.

Because when we can literally no longer tell the difference between parody, and real life. It’s time to just do you on your own time, and quit shoving it down our throats. (See: Is This Real Life? LGBTQ Campaign about ‘Pronoun Violence’ Impossible to Distinguish from Satire)

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