White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hit back during Monday’s press briefing at questions about what the Trump administration has to say to “DREAMers,” telling reporters that the group should storm Capitol Hill, because that’s where Democrats shut down DACA deal negotiations.

One reporter asked Sanders about “DREAMers … living on pins and needles. What is this White House’s message to that population of people?”

Sanders replied, “I think that they should storm Capitol Hill and protest there, because that is the place that has held up this discussion.  Democrats are the one that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown, by being unwilling to fund the government.”

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“We lost four days,” Sanders said of the government shut down. The days were spent focused on fighting over a continuing resolution. Sanders said this time should have been spent discussing immigration reform.

“If they had been part of the solution instead of part of the problem, then I think we would have already been further down the road in our negotiations on that package,” said Sanders, who expressed hope they wouldn’t have similar problems in the future. V

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Sanders told reporters that the White House has “been pretty clear that we want to find a solution on the DACA program.” Their hope is that Democrats are “willing to work” with the White House to “actually resolve this issue.”

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