It appeared for a while that the Leftist media took a break from their misogynistic attacks on White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, opting for misogynistic attacks on WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

That ended quickly Monday night when late-night host Jimmy Kimmel brought back his disgusting, mangled-face puppet of Conway to lampoon the anniversary of President Donald Trump.

The incredibly not-funny and wholly mean-spirited segment highlighted the mangled-face puppet Conway in the White House press room partying it up with vodka while shouting a torrent of nonsensical “Trumpiphets” at the comedic host.

Aside from trashing her appearance, a gross departure from the attractive lady that is the real Kellyanne Conway, Jimmy Kimmel also took aim at the outfit she wore to Trump’s inauguration last year — the red, white and blue Gucci coat adorned with feline appliqué buttons. For those whose memories might be fuzzy, the Twitter bullies mocked Conway mercilessly for wearing it last year.

At the segment’s end, Kimmel’s mangled-face puppet nearly begins on a threesome with a White House servant and cigarette mascot, Joe Camel.

The Kellyanne Conway puppet first made an appearance on Kimmel in mid-2017 at the height of the rapidly-crumbling Russia collusion investigation.

Here is the first video (New one below):

Since President Trump’s election, Conway has been mocked in the most “unfeminist” of fashions by the self-proclaimed crusaders in the “War on Women.” Insults hurled at her range from “Satan’s trophy wife” and female Joseph Goebbels.

The only noted feminist to defend Conway against the barrage of sexist attacks against her is, believe it or not, Lena Dunham.

Here is the Video:

And sadly this is just a continuation of attacks on right-wing women. (See: Chelsea Handler Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Looks, Calls Her ‘Pure Evil’ In Defense and Chelsea Handler Finally Crosses The Line — Straight Up Calls Sarah Sanders A Whore… and Kristen Bell Champions Women, Then Blasts Melania Trump In Painfully Bad…)

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