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CNN Russia (The Daily Caller: Jan 22, 2018)

CNN chose to count how many times President Trump has said “fake” over the past year or so, so here is the favor returned, Daily Caller counted how many times they have said “Russia.”

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter said that President Trump “labeling real news as fake” is “poisonous.” In order to demonstrate his point, Stelter counted up every single time Trump said “fake.” (Related: Watch: President Trump Tells CNN’s Jim Acosta to Get ‘Out’)

This number–which is over 400, by the way–is practically meaningless because it doesn’t sort out when Trump was correct to say something was fake. And you have to imagine that the president was correct fairly often given how badly the media failed last year. (Related: Mulvaney Beats CNN’s Jim Acosta Like A Punching Bag– Using Simple Math)

It is no secret how many times that major news publications, CNN included, have had to retract stories. Trump’s Fake News Awards we about just that. (See: Trump and the GOP Give Out The Top 10 Fake News Awards For 2017)

But since CNN thinks it’s important that Trump has said “fake” over 400 times since his inauguration, we counted how many times CNN has tweeted about “Russia”–and it’s not pretty.

From January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2018, CNN tweeted about Russia a whopping 1,118 times. That’s an average of at least 3 Russia-related tweets a day.

Some of the tweets were even about CNN’s own fake news stories, such as the Donald Jr. and Wikileaks non-scandal.

CNN better watch out this year–their tweeting habits are quickly becoming “poisonous.”

Not only that, but they are continually proving the president is correct in labeling them fake news. (See: YIKES! CNN is SUCH FAKE NEWS that even Vox is calling them out)

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