Scarborough Releases Women’s March Anthem ‘Stand’

Wannabe rock star Joe Scarborough released a new single Saturday that he says is inspired by the anti-Donald Trump Women’s March.

Scarborough has released an entire Christmas album as well dedicated to Trump. (See: A Very Drumpf Christmas: Joe Scarborough Is Releasing An Anti-Trump Christmas Album)

The new song, titled “Stand,” is “dedicated to those who #Resist,” the Morning Joe co-host wrote in a tweet Saturday morning.

The tune is an acoustic ballad featuring Scarborough at his most contemplative.

“Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand/Against a column of tanks, holding up your hand,” Scarborough sings in the verse. “And once in your life, you may get the chance to say/words like deep within your heart, that change the outcome of a day.”

“And oh, the world turns violently, we’re battered by the savagery/But we will not break, not on bended knees/We will not go down quietly, we will not go down silently,” he sings on the chorus.

Saturday marks the first anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington, last year’s protest against the Trump presidency that was attended by hundreds of thousands of pink “pussy hat”-wearing activists.

Dozens of events marking the occasion are scheduled for Saturday, including a repeat of the Washington march and a star-studded anniversary march in Los Angeles.

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Joe Scarborough’s “Stand” marks the latest musical endeavor for the 54-year-old MSNBC star.

He has previously released the EPs Welcome to the Monkey HouseMystified, and Freaks Love Freaks, as well as the holiday album A Very Drumpf Christmas.

You can also listen to his latest song here. If for whatever reason you wanted…..



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