Newsweek Claims Hillary Clinton Could 'Still Become President' If Trump Gets Taken Down In Russia Probe

Newsweek Magazine proclaimed Thursday morning that there may still be hope, at least, that Hillary Clinton could become president if Trump is indicted in Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation.

Apparently, Newsweek is over the whole “Trump is going to die” fit it was having after the recent press conference from the White House doctor.

This just isn’t Newsweek’s wants, wish, and dreams; they actually trot out a law professor, the news tabloid magazine relies on an essay authored by law professor and dedicated progressive, Larry Lessig, who, in a wounded interpretation of the United States Constitution, suggests that any GOP who might take over in the line of succession would be remiss if he did not cede the Oval Office to the woman Trump defeated.

Here we go. We joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it is real. Very real.

As there is “no mechanism in American law for a new election,” nor “a mechanism for correcting the criminal results of the previous election,” Ryan ought to nominate “the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become President,” Lessig wrote.

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Newsweek confirmed to itself that the situation was “still a possibility” by phoning Lessig on Wednesday to check. Because, apparently, inquiring minds desperate for some ongoing – if bizarre – assurance that Hillary Clinton could still become president wanted to know.

Sadly, for Newsweek, this situation is about as likely as the one MSNBC commentator Sally Kohn posited so many months ago, asserting that the path to a Clinton presidency was “straightfoward from here.”

Luckily for Americans, the Constitution provides a definite line of succession for occurrences of Presidential death, impeachment, or resignation. The document is rather “straightforward from here,” just not in the way most leftists might hope.

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Not that President Trump is yet in any danger of being impeached or forced to resign.

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation has found no evidence of any true collaboration between the Trump Presidential campaign and the Russian government to throw the Presidential election.

Keep trying though. While you are busy and distracted chasing fairy tales we are righting the wrongs that happened over the Obama years.

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