Sarsour Endorses Chelsea Manning For Senate

Traitorous Chelsea Manning has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate in Maryland and anti-American (and well anti-Everything, but pro-Sharia) Linda Sarsour has offered her endorsement, stunning those who valued Sarsour as the ‘iconic version of American patriotism’.

Chelsea Manning spent seven years in jail for his 35-year sentence for espionage and theft of classified documents, including battlefield videos and diplomatic cables from classified computer accounts.

Manning decided to announce he was transgender during his trial; Barack Obama commuted Manning’s remaining sentence just before Obama left office.

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Here are some of Manning’s truly American sentiments:

On January 9, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day:


Five days later, a tribute to socialism:


Sarsour has exhibited some American attitudes of her own: appearing onstage with Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who once infamously cried, “God damn America”) at Louis Farrakhan’s #JusticeOrElse rally in 2015; her attacks on white people are almost non-stop; perpetuating a bizarre conspiracy theory that the underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was working with the CIA; asserting she was “hurt” by the way Saddam Hussein looked so disheveled on international television after being caught by American forces; and advocating for Sharia law.

What a start to 2018. Manning also released his first campaign ad, and it is hilarious. See: Chelsea Manning Releases Her First Senate Campaign Ad

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