Tucker Debates Illegal Immigrant Lawyer [VIDEO]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took on illegal immigrant attorney Cesar Vargas Monday night, and it didn’t go exactly as planned for Vargas.

Tucker first asked Vargas, “Let me ask you a really simple question. If more immigration always makes the country richer, then why does the state with the most immigration, which is California, keep getting poorer? It now has more poverty than any state. One out of five Californians is poor. If immigration makes us richer, why is California getting poorer? What is the answer to that I wonder?”

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Vargas answered, “Well I would just say that California has a surplus of more than $10 billion into their state economy. Why? Because of many factors. But, because it‘s a welcoming state…”

“Wait a second. Wait a second,” The Daily Caller co-founder replied, adding, “California’s gotten poorer–one in five Californians is poor. That was not the case when I grew up in California. It has the most immigration. So if immigration always makes us more prosperous, why is the opposite happening in California? It’s a very simple question.”

Vargas pleaded, “Well, I think there is many factors. I don’t think it has to do with immigration. I think it has to do with the fact that we have to manage budgets right. And I think Republicans and Democrats would agree on that…”

Tucker countered, “Oh, they have nothing to do with it? Even though California is now poorer than Mississippi–immigration, which is the main thing that separates California from Mississippi, has no role in that, because why? Do you have data on that or you just kind of don’t want to admit it like everyone else?”

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