Rand Paul Has One Simple Rebuttal For Dems Calling Trump Racist [VIDEO]

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky told NBC’s Chuck Todd Sunday that Democrats are making an immigration reform deal difficult by calling President Trump a racist.

The senator told Todd the uproar accompanying reports that Trump described much of the third world as a “shithole,” during a private meeting with lawmakers is destroying whatever good will might exist to achieve immigration reform.

“You can’t have an immigration compromise if everyone is out there calling the president a racist,” he said. “They’re actually destroying the setting… in which anything meaningful can happen on immigration.”

“Some people in the media have just gone completely bonkers with ad hominem on the president,” he said elsewhere in the interview.

Since The Washington Post first reported Trump’s remarks, a group of congressional Democrats led by Rep. Al Green of Texas vowed to force a vote on articles of impeachment.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California echoed Green’s remarks, and reiterated her longstanding support for Trump’s impeachment, calling the president “a hopeless and ignorant bigot.”


H/T Dailycaller.com


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