Juanita Broaddrick Details Alleged Bill Clinton Rape in New Book

Long before Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial sexual harasser, there was Bubba. His co-conspirator, Queen Cankles, practically invented slut-shamming and victim blaming. Most notably with Juanita Broaddrick (see:6y Clinton Accusers Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey Storm Al Franken’s Office Demanding His Resignation (VIDEO) and Chelsea Clinton Turns Down Offer to Sign Book For Juanita Broaddrick at Book Signing…).

Ms. Broaddrick is dropping all the circumstances in her new book, “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That.” Which is what Slick Willy said after violating her. Allegedly.

He pushed me backwards onto the bed and I began to panic and yell. Then he was on top of me biting my lip. It was a shock and so painful. I began to taste the blood from my bleeding lip and I was so frightened. His hands were all over me. He tore at my clothes, ripping my skirt at the waist.

But wait, it gets even worse.

He was so heavy and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get my breath. He would bite my lip if I started to yell and then he would press down on my shoulder with one elbow while he tore at my clothes with his free hand. I truly thought I was going to die.


Under normal circumstances, the Clinton machine would be going scorched Earth, and all parties involved in the book would mysteriously meet their end. But, these are the days of #MeToo and #TimesUp. So, the Clintons have to sit back and take it. The same way Juanita Broaddrick had to. Allegedly.

Maybe the left is letting this one through to finally rid themselves of Bill and Hill. Lord knows even the staunchest of the left wish they would go away. The two have become an embarrassment and the left no longer needs to kiss their asses. (See: Bill Clinton’s Rape Accuser To Monica Lewinsky: ‘Your Silence Was Deafening’ after Lewinski Tweets… and Retired Secret Service Agent Reveals How Bill Clinton Sexcapades Endangered Lives)

Maybe when this book drops, Juanita Broaddrick will finally get a fair hearing.

We’ll see soon.

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