Jim Acosta makes Jim Acosta look like a bumbling fool constantly. What Sarah Sanders just did is vernacular homicide!

Sanders has more hits than college students with munchies (see: Got Her! Sarah Sanders Personally Serves Pie to a Skeptical Reporter and Watch: Sarah Sanders Gets Into It With CNN’s Acosta Over Fake News Question: ‘I’m Not FINISHED!). Or Oprah when she tries to sit down too fast. There were actually two hits here: Acosta’s smug dignity hitting the floor (figuratively) and Sanders sneaking off to watch the new Taylor Swift video.

The topic? Whether or not Trump watches CNN.

SLAY QUEEN SANDERS: I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN.

Johnny Cable News: I think he actually watches a lot of CNN.

SLAY QUEEN SANDERS: I’m don’t think that’s true. Your numbers would be higher.

At which point you hear the rest of the press corp laugh.

They laughed it off, because at this point what can you do? Sanders owned him.

Though the best part? It’s what you don’t see. Jim Acosta waking up at 3:00 AM because he finally thought of a comeback. (See: CNN COLOSSAL Mess Up Again! Sarah Sanders Was There To Let Them Know About…)

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