Angry Black Man Rampages Through H&M In Response To “Racist” Ad

H&M recently released an ad that some dubbed as “racist” and consequently offered the entire company a chance to either apologize or face the wrath of numerous SJW’s.

Many celebrities got in on the action:

Some took a more humorous route:

As most companies tend to do, they chose the option to apologize. “We didn’t mean for it to be racist, that was not our intention, we are so, so, sorry, please don’t harass us online anymore.” Okay, so maybe this isn’t a direct quote, but it might as well have been. It’s the same song and dance we get from everyone who’s accused of being racist.

The ad in question shows a sort of mint green hoodie that reads “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”, and it is being worn by a young black child. “Well, that kind of is racist,” one might say. But does it warrant the sort of unhinged response it’s getting from the SJW’s? Listen, liberals, it’s just an ad. Would you rather have only white people as models? Grow up. You can’t have it both ways.

As a response to the ad so racist that none could sleep or go on with their lives, one man decided that he would rampage H&M in the name of justice. Click the link here to see how degeneracy spreads in the minds of those who likely get their news from CNN or BuzzFeed. When posting the video on his Twitter account, he made sure to add, “Now I’m the coolest monkey in the jungle. Tag 3 friends!! Stop Racism!!”

The video begins with a man entering an H&M store (likely located somewhere in New York, as his bio states that he’s from the Bronx). He is dressed in nothing but shorts, shoes, some sort of backpack, and a mask. He proceeds to knock down racks of clothing while exhibiting the sounds and body language of a gorilla. “Fuck H&M!” He shouted, before darting out of the store. Whether he has been approached by staff or police is unknown, but he did take the time to respond to his hate mail. “You’re aware that this is pure ignorance right? Just checking.” One user wrote, to which he replied, “Lmaoo I’m prob 10 times smarter than you, more educated and simply don’t give two fucks. Go suck yah maddah.” Yes. A very nice use of the English language here…

In his quest to end racism for good, he only received criticism from his Twitter audience.

“Was this on Trump’s gorilla channel?”

“How can we prove we’re not uncivilized “monkeys”? I know! Let’s go destroy some store that will never affect the people who made the ad- but the poor min wage worker who has to clean this up will learn a lesson they won’t soon forget!”

“So you battle racism in H&M by running into their facility half-nude with a rag wrapped around your lower skull & demonstrate violent/destructive behavior then proceed to exit the store after yelling “fuck H&M”..?w/o addressing an issue..?This is your solution to combat racism??? You are not a man for doing this. A person without intelligence does this. A “man” would have actually made a successful impact against their cause. What you did was, make yourself look like an animal without even having addressed an issue. See the problem?”

Without a doubt, this man only succeeded in harming his own cause. Where there wasn’t a big issue to begin with, he created one by portraying in public a negative stereotypical behavior. SJW’s, you continuously succeed in proving yourself wrong and proving everybody else right. Keep it up.

Here is another video: (Language warning)

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