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In a video displaying United States soldiers shooting and launching bombs at Islamic State group terrorists, one unit paid tribute with an awesome photo of President Trump.

The roughly three-minute video compilation shows several scenes of American soldiers annihilating Islamic State group terrorists with deadly machine guns and bombs.

According to Popular Military, one scene shows a U.S. Army special forces soldier using an M134 minigun to shoot roughly 4,000 rounds per minute into an Islamic State group hideout. (Related: Trump Lets Everyone Know Just How Badly ISIS Got Their Butts Kicked in 2017)

The soldier wasn’t alone, as a super-patriotic photo of Trump holding an eagle and a minigun with the United States flag flying in the background was next to his gun.

Popular Military reports the clip featuring the Trump tribute was part of a video compilation of U.S. troops in Afghanistan last year.

The website claims the individual who leaked the footage said the clip was the “most recent combat footage to date against ISIS in 2017.”

The video contains a bevy of short clips showing U.S. soldiers shooting rounds, dropping bombs, and showing these radical Islamic terrorists how powerful the U.S. military is. (Related: Commandant of the Marine Corps Announces Prediction to Troops: ‘There’s A War Coming’)

Check out the video compilation below, where Trump tributes can be seen around the 1:10 and 2:35 mark: (Note video appears to have been removed)

Popular Military broke out the Trump picture for easier viewing.

This is what it depicts:


After almost a full year of Trump in charge of the United States armed forces, the Islamic State group “capital” of Raqqa, Syria, has been reduced to ashes and many of their fighters are fleeing and taking cover now that the U.S. has made it clear it is determined to wipe out these radical Islamic terrorists.

Trump vowed that he would wipe these jihadist thugs off the face of the earth — and he is honoring that commitment.

The days of former President Barack Obama’s administration — and its appeasement toward radical Islamic terrorism — are long over.

Many in our military appreciate Trump because he finally loosened the rules of engagement and is allowing them to do their job, and they have been absolutely annihilating Islamic State group fighters since Trump took over.

And if the past year is any indication, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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EDITORS NOTE: The Video Has Apparently Been Removed. Screen Shot Above.

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