I am sure you could imagine our shock when one of our readers reached out to us to let us know that Amazon is selling a newborn baby doll as a sex toy for men. Could this be a simple mistake?

We initially thought, maybe this is just some algorithm mistake. However, the recommended product with it is anal lube.

We at Project Republic have reported on the normalization of pedophilia in the past.

We have also brought to light the dangerous videos that are happening on Youtube targetting children with popular cartoon characters. (See: EslaGate — The Sick and Twisted YouTube Content Your Kids May Be Watching and YouTube Perversion Continues: Popular Breastfeeding YouTube Channels Promote and Sell Incest Porn).

But this is something else.

Back in August, we reported on: “Pedophiles who use child sex dolls in a “managed environment” may be deterred from carrying out attacks in real life, according to the chair of Specialist Treatment Organization for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO) – a charity which prevents sexual offending through therapy.”

Juliet Grayson, a registered psychosexual therapist, said the prescription of a child sex doll would be like giving methadone to a heroin user.

“I do know of a man who had children dolls – he had two and was very happy to use them rather than touching a child. This wasn’t great but better than nothing.”

Is it the same though?

Here are some screenshots FROM Amazon at time of publication (Note: all being searched incognito as to not have cookies influence search results):


The recommended products that people ‘buy’ with it….

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Project Republic reached out to Amazon, and did not receive a response in time for publication. Will update if we receive a response.

Update 1/8/2017.

Amazon appears to have removed the doll. We will absolutely take credit for this. You’re welcome.

Update 1/9/2017.

Statement from Amazon:
Statement: This headline uses Amazon as blatant clickbait. Amazon does not support pedophilia.

Apparently writing a headline that is exactly what happened is clickbait. Thanks, Amazon! We never said you support pedophilia. Just that you literally had a newborn baby doll listed as a sex toy. What a world we live in. Attack the headline, completely ignore the REAL and FACTUAL problem that was backed up with screenshots. Pretend it never happened.

Instead of owning it, they passed the buck. We expect better from you Amazon. Tsk Tsk. What a shame.

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