VIDEO: Protesters call for Twitter’s CEO to step down or ban President Trump from social network

Activists Liberal nutjobs showed up at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco last night in an attempt to get the social media company to ban President Donald Trump in the wake of a great Resistance triggering that was the result of his tweet in response to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un:

President Donald Trump caused the Left to melt as he usually does when he sent a tweet on Tuesday, directed at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

It said that he too has a nuclear button, but his is much bigger and more powerful than Un’s. (See: Trump Proves Size Matters: Puts ‘Rocket Man’ in His Place With Nuke Button Tweet)

Now, some people are calling for Twitter’s CEO to either step down or ban President Trump from the platform, saying he is using the social network to instigate a nuclear war.

Words projected onto the building changed from time to time as people held signs and shivered:

A quick check of @RealDonaldTrump’s Twitter account still shows it very much not banned, and he’s even doubling down:

Video of the event:


Shh! Don’t tell ’em! (Related: Trump Taking on Media With ‘Fake News’ Trophy — And He Wants Your Help!)

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