Guess What? TRUMP did what Obama Could Not -- “Racist” Trump Provides More Jobs for Blacks and Hispanics Than Obama
Guess What? TRUMP did what Obama Could Not -- “Racist” Trump Provides More Jobs for Blacks and Hispanics Than Obama

More black and Hispanic Americans are getting jobs on President Trump’s watch, the latest employment numbers show, although critics accuse him of ignoring such minority populations.

If you listen to the Leftist media, and only the Leftist media, you would probably come to the conclusion that President Trump is a white nationalist racist. But again, that’s if you only listened to what the major news outlets were peddling.

The truth is that while the left-wing media lies, numbers do not.

Numbers recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics killed the liberal narrative that Trump is a racist. Take, for instance, the unemployment rate for African-Americans.

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Unemployment for African-Americans has dropped from 8 percent during the Obama administration to 7.3 percent under President Trump. Likewise, the black labor force participation rate rose from 61.9 percent to 62.2 percent last month.

In addition, Hispanics also saw a drop in their unemployment as well. Unemployment among Hispanics fell from 5.7 percent to 4.7 percent, while the labor participation rate held from 65.7 percent to 65.6 percent.

The labor force participation rate is the percentage of Americans who have jobs or are actively looking for work. The unemployment rate reflects the percentage of Americans without jobs but who are still looking for work.

Of course, the White House is more than pleased with these numbers.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told The Daily Signal, “While overall unemployment in November remained at a nearly 17-year low, the rate is also at historic lows among several groups, including Hispanics—where it is the lowest in at least 44 years—and African-Americans—where it is at its lowest levels since 2000.”

Minority groups are starting to take notice of these improving numbers as well.

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Daniels Garza, president of the Libre Initiative — a conservative Hispanic group — told The Daily Signal, “The Hispanic community is beginning to see the benefits of an improving economy. Lawmakers in Washington have a critical opportunity to deliver on tax reform that lowers rates, closes loopholes, and enhances competitiveness—which families and entrepreneurs are counting on.”

“By locking these reforms in place for the long term, Congress and the president will help to ensure a stable environment that encourages greater economic opportunity and wage growth. Reducing the tax rate on American businesses to 20 percent—without creating new tax burdens—will be particularly helpful in ensuring the U.S. economy is competitive with those of our major trading partners, boosting the prospects of American workers and families. Hispanic families stand to gain a great deal if lawmakers deliver on these promises in the days ahead,” he added.

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The economy under Trump has boomed since he took office in January.

The economy has passed 3 percent growth for several months now. It’s amazing what happens when you cut taxes and unnecessary regulations.

Stocks have hit record highs, and the GDP is seeing growth again. Trump is truly fulfilling his campaign promise to make America great again.

Trump predicted during his campaign that the American people would win so much, they might get tired of winning. Well, Mr. President, we’re not tired yet, but we thank you for fighting for the American people. Let’s keep winning.

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