Get ready for the best thing you have ever seen in your life. This video makes you feel so warm inside. And throughout the entire video, one can’t help but think….At least I’m not them!

Just when it appeared as if the Alt-Left and its advocates couldn’t possibly get even more ridiculous. Comes this new music video for a song not so creatively titled simply, ANTIFA.

The song, written and performed by the once popular industrial metal band Ministry, comes across like a cry for help from a band who peaked in the late 80’s and has been struggling to find a gimmick to help them regain their relevance ever since. As to the quality of the video or song itself, judge for yourself here below.

The video is actually just part of the promotional campaign for the band’s upcoming album, entitled AmeriKKKant. An album the band seems to greatly hope you will choose to pre-order from one of the many large corporations selling it such as Apple and Amazon.

Which does imply that apparently, no one has informed the group that the new fan base they are targeting all happens to be self-avowed communists, unlikely to have ever legally paid for music in their entire lives?

AntiFa man busted with enough material to make several dozen bombs

If the music video alone somehow didn’t give you enough of an idea, as to just how ridiculous the full album is likely to be. Take a look at this complete track-list for the upcoming album. Which include songs such as “Victims of a Dlown” and apparently even a song about 4chan itself of all things.

AmeriKKKantSome have already pointed out that as YouTube has formal policies against the promotion or advocacy of terrorism on the platform. There is a case to be made for the video’s removal. In fact, clicking this link will take you to the video’s page where you can report it yourself if you are so inclined.

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Though as multiple prior cases have already proven that the report button only seems to actually work for the removal of Right-leaning videos, it’s not too likely such a tactic will ever lead to it being taken down. Which does at the very least mean we can all keep on coming back to this prime example of Liberal “art” whenever we are in need of a good laugh.

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