WATCH: Antifa Unveils Anti-Trump Challenge, Viewers Sickened By What They Do Between Legs
WATCH: Antifa Unveils Anti-Trump Challenge, Viewers Sickened By What They Do Between Legs

A troubling new trend has risen out of the human waste pile known as Antifa, and they’re antics are worse than ever. As it turns out, they came up with something called the “Flush-A-Trump” challenge – and viewers have been left horrified to see what they do between their legs to kick it all off.

Antifa has demonstrated they are at the bottom of the barrel in America since their rise to “fame” most recently. However, things aren’t exactly going too well for them lately. For one, most of the country wants them to be branded a domestic terror organization, but perhaps worst of all for them, though, is the fact that they’ve pretty much fizzled out.

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In fact, Antifa has become more of a laughingstock these days as most of America views them to be nothing more than children throwing a collective temper tantrum. Willing to inflict violence against those with whom they don’t agree, members of the group don’t seem to understand that their tactics are in direct violation of what they purportedly fight against.

Of course, being a bunch of idiots isn’t helping them either, so they recently decided to try to gain some more publicity. In order to do that, they thought of a “challenge” that they hoped would go viral, and it is – just not for the reasons they were hoping.

Come to find out, several people are now talking about the group as Antifa has officially announced the “Flush-A-Trump” challenge. As can be seen in a video since shared by World Star Hip Hop, an Antifa member by the name of “Quinn” leaves viewers sickened as she sticks her hand between her legs and wipes feces on her finger before flipping off the camera while using foul language.

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Be warned, the following footage should be difficult for any reasonable person with a shred of common decency to watch.

Currently, there are a few theories as to what she actually did, including sticking her finger in her rectum while defecating, but regardless of how she got the feces on her finger, not a single person is commending what she did. Come to find out, though, the clip may be even more embarrassing for the organization after hearing how it originated.

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A little research will show that Quinn was originally “challenged” by a transgender woman (presumably born male), by the name of “Kumyas Sanchez.” However, all Quinn was supposed to do was record herself pooping before flushing, thus the name “Flush-A-Trump” challenge in which they are calling Trump a turd – but that’s not all.

According to a few Redditors, they believe that this started out as nothing more than troll bait — a hoax created to watch how many sheep would follow. Now, the idiots have taken it so far that they are sticking their fingers in their feces while trying to prove they are the more intellectually superior of the human race.

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Perhaps Quinn got confused as to what the transgendered “Kumyas Sanchez” was doing with his hand while completing the challenge. Although Kumyas says “she” is a female, he seemed to be holding his penis down into the toilet bowl, which probably created a lot of confusion for those like Quinn who believe Kumyas is a girl. No, he wasn’t playing in his pooh, he was preventing his male genitalia from spraying all over the floor.

At the end of the day, Antifa has always been nothing more than a bunch of clowns. Not only do they act like children, unable to control their emotions like responsible adults, but they thought that the rest of the world should get behind them.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t long before people caught on to what they were actually trying to do and saw that they were even worse than those they sought to shut down. In the end, though, we’re seeing just how desperate they are when it comes to staying relevant.

Taking a video of yourself pooping on the toilet is humiliating enough, but the fact that people want to actually reach down while doing it and smear their own excrement on their hands is beyond creepy. Antifa was never an organization to be taken seriously, but now, they’ve officially written off any legitimacy they’ve ever had.

To No Ones Surprise: Stats Show Leftists Are More Likely To Be Mentally Ill

Cry all you want about President Trump, but I can guarantee you that the man didn’t stoop to the level of smearing poop on himself. At this point, Antifa is worst than dealing with kids – they’re like animals now, officially playing with their own waste products. Disgusting.

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