Trump gets Apology After WaPo Writer Pushes Blatantly Fake News...
Trump gets Apology After WaPo Writer Pushes Blatantly Fake News...

President Trump has set out to slash taxes, build big beautiful walls, and put the dreaded Obamacare to bed permanently. Predictably, the liberal-loving media is doing everything they can to stop him, honest or otherwise. Usually otherwise.

Take this little kerfuffle for example. A Washington Post writer tweeted a picture of empty seats at a Trump rally. The only problem? The picture’s about as authentic as Pamela Anderson’s mammary cannons.

CNN COLOSSAL Mess Up Again! Sarah Sanders Was There To Let Them Know About It

Trump himself took notice and demanded an apology:

The best part? Trump got the apology:

Bet you weren’t expecting that. It must have been very hard for Weigel to prostrate himself before the Donald.

paul atreides the pain

Typical of a leftist lemming, Dave Weigel saw an opportunity to push anti-Trump rhetoric, became giddy like a schoolgirl, and ran with it. No second thoughts. No verification. Now, he’s stuck looking like an amateur dunce and Trump’s doing a victory dance. See: Watch: MSNBC Accidentally Airs Epic Roy Moore Endorsement

trump dance

Blatant lies like this are why nobody believes the media. Members of the leftist cult, like Forrest Gump, claim fake news is a made-up right-wing conpiracy. But, like this debacle over butts in seats shows, fake news is very much alive. See: FAKE NEWS: CNN Reports Bombshell Exclusive In Russia Probe — Entire Story Distorted —…

Chelsea Handler Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Looks, Calls Her ‘Pure Evil’ In Defense

Leftists feel they’re accomplishing something by pushing these lies. They think if they cross their fingers, wish on a star, and repeat these lies enough, they’ll become reality. But, the only reality they’re making possible? A Trump landslide in 2020.

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