Kid Asks Melania What She Likes To Eat On Christmas, Michelle Humiliated By Her Reply
Kid Asks Melania What She Likes To Eat On Christmas, Michelle Humiliated By Her Reply

On Thursday, First Lady of these United States Melania Trump visited with patients, families, and staff members at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., a Christmastime tradition dating back more than 60 years to First Lady Bess Truman. During Melania’s visit, one child asked her what she likes to eat on Christmas. The first lady’s reply was absolutely perfect, and it completely humiliated Michelle Obama.

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According to The Daily Beast, the first lady’s Thursday visit began with a tour of the hospital’s neuroscience center, after which Melania, accompanied by 25-year-old Alena Sydnor and 7-year-old Damian Contreras, both patients at Children’s National Hospital, joined Santa Claus onstage to read “The Polar Express.”

“I was so grateful at the opportunity to spend time with the children and their families today, and want to thank the medical staff at Children’s National for their lifesaving work,” said Melania. “The holidays are a time for hope, love, tradition, and family, and it is my wish for everyone to be able to celebrate them in good health with their loved ones,” the first lady continued.

“Many of the patients and families I visited with today cannot spend the holidays at home this year, so I ask everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as we hope for a speedy recovery and joyous New Year,” she added graciously.

Melania also participated in a question and answer session with the children at the hospital, who were given the opportunity to ask her various Christmas-related questions. One child wanted to know what she likes to eat during the Christmas holiday, and the first lady’s response was a brutal reality check for her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

“What’s your favorite thing to eat for Christmas dinner?” a sick girl from the hospital named Olivia asked Melania.

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“Hi, Olivia. Nice to see you,” the first lady started. “My favorite thing to eat is just some healthy food. You feel very good after. Not too much eating,” she added. “We all enjoy it. The most important part is to spend time with the family.”

Melania’s habit of eating healthy is no surprise; she’s a gorgeous woman who could pass for decades younger than her actual age, due in large part to her enviable figure. Since Melania became the first lady, women have even been scheduling appointments with plastic surgeons, requesting the doctors make them look more like the president’s radiant wife.

One Texas mom is taking the term “role model” to another level.

Claudia Sierra underwent eight procedures Tuesday to change her mug to resemble First Lady Melania Trump.

Sierra’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, said she is one of many patients who have requested the “Melania makeover.” [Source: Fox News]

Of course, the same could not be said for Michelle Obama. Nobody wanted to look like her. Quite frankly, nobody wanted to look at her, either.

Michelle Obama’s strange distraction with monitoring every calorie consumed by American schoolchildren led the public to scrutinize her for her own weight. After all, what business does she have micro-managing our diets when she could surely stand to lose a pound of two herself?

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Melania is teaching Michelle a very important lesson; namely, that it is far more effective to lead by example than to shove your agenda down the throats of those who never asked for your opinion in the first place. Thank goodness, we finally have a first lady who acts appropriately and knows how to do the best in her position. That much has been long overdue.

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