Hollywood Resistance puts all hopes of Trump impeachment on dramatic Alec Baldwin video

Hollywood Resistance pins hopes of Trump impeachment to dramatic Alec Baldwin video

The Robert Mueller probe continues, and Alec Baldwin has taken a turn for the dramatic in a video urging people to call on Congress to impeach President Donald Trump if he doesn’t let it continue.

Ahh Alec Baldwin. King Snowflake. When will your next meltdown be? See: MELTDOWN: Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter After Victim-Shaming Actress Rose McGowan Over Weinstein

The Hollywood Leftists are all over it….

Not that we at PRT want to be a Hollywood Resistance buzzkill or anything, but yesterday a Democrat’s resolution to impeach Trump was overwhelmingly put down (even Nancy Pelosi voted against it).

Not that they don’t like trying. Baldwins seem to have a nack for this sort of thing. See: Billy Baldwin Rages: ‘Fat Ass’ Donald Trump ‘Hit On My Wife’ — Lobs list of accusations at Trump.

Alec Baldwin, continuing his quest to make enjoying any of his work impossible, has just appeared on Megyn Kelly Today. Though very much concerned that other talk show hosts are letting their programs become “grand juries” on sexual harassment, Baldwin is apparently very cool with turning America’s government into breezy anecdotes.

Hollywood Elite’s Accused Sexual Harassers, Molesters, Rapists – The Ongoing List, 91 So Far

Watch on as he discusses his Trump impression and ‘revelation’ that Melania “loves” the actor’s version of her husband.

I’m sure Alec….

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