It’s disturbing enough to see linebacker-sized men traipse around in bras of soft pink lace (see Children of LGBT Parents Have Grown Up, Now They’re Spilling the Sick Reality of it all and Video: Transgender Summer Camp, Rainbow Day Camp, Welcomes Kids As Young As Four). But it’s more disturbing when such atrocities are pushed down the gullets of tiny humans. We call this “child abuse.”

Caution, the following video (Below) is a horror flick. Cis-gender discretion is advised.

Here’s a juicy bit transcribed:

Host: The very fact that you’re calling him “him,” does that not gender specify him?

Parent: I think it’s a case of allowing him to express himself.

Host: Are you concerned that this could set him up for… possibly a bit of bullying or name calling?

Parent: What we say is, do what you want, basically, as long as you’re safe. We have sat down with his school and said look, he’s gonna come in a boy’s uniform… but we’ve compromised with him… Rather than traditionally boy socks, he havin pink socks.

Host: Do you really believe, Lious, that that makes his life better, he’ll be a better person for that? I still just don’t really get the benefit of all of this… How about just raising your child to be kind and good? Why does the gender matter so much over those other qualities?

Parent: Because, like for instance, the shops you go in, everything’s very binary. It’s either a boy or it’s a girl and there’s no cross section. And to help teach him better views, we’ve allowed him to have a broader spectrum.

Firstly, kudos to the hosts for skillfully trying to call attention to the absolute freak show these parents are. Not an easy task. I, for one, wanted to interrupt them with: “I’m sorry your lives lack so much meaning, but why do you keep trying to turn your son into a future serial killer? Didn’t you see Dexter?” Or: “So at what point did you decide you were so lackluster as people, you were going to foist all your insecurities onto your poor son? Couldn’t you have just taken a pottery class?”

This is why I’m not a talkshow host. With guests better suited for the ringside of a local circus. Padded room. Same difference.

gay crossdressing guy crazy

I’m starting to think “gender fluid” is just Millennial speak for “I’m boring but this is how I’ll compensate.” Like adding rainbow food dye to a simple sugar cookie. Nothing changes, but dang it looks flashier!

TOLERANCE FOLKS! We all must have tolerance just like the Left! See: U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Verbally Abused At “Tolerant” LGBT Pride Parade

The problem here is Mommy and Daddy dumbass are forcing their rainbow lifestyle on a child. Where parents are supposed to guide their child through life, these popsicle bands are setting him up for a lifetime of confusion. They’re being rewarded with TV interviews.

Don’t worry, when all else fails Justin Trudeau will be there to cry and apologize for the rest of us. See: Justin Trudeau Publicly Apologies to LGBTQ2, Cries Like a Beta Male

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