Camera Catches US Military Raining Down Hellfire on Terrorist Leader

Camera Catches US Military Raining Down Hellfire on Terrorist Leader

Far from former president Barack Obama’s policy of winning the war on terrorism by influencing the hearts and minds of radical Islamists, President Donald Trump is using the tried-and-true method of simply blowing the bad dudes up.

Years of pulling our punches against radaical Islamic terrorists has not only allowed them to survive, but to study and learn our tactics. This has led to the creation of the Taliban’s Red Group, whose members practice a worrying mix of jihadi and commando fighting styles, as well as advanced weaponry and tactics.

Far from begging and negotiating, the Taliban is now learning that there’s a new sheriff in town, and there’s no such thing as a compromise when the safety of the United States is at risk. The Red Group’s leader, Mullah Shah Wali, was killed last week in one of the most satisfying explosions we’ve seen in a while.

See the video below:

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Trump has upped the stakes in hopes of ending a war that’s dragged on for over 16 years; he’s allowing air strikes to ramp up, and taking the gloves off our men and women to allow them to actually fight a war. He infamously allowed the use of the MOAB against a terrorist fighting position, vaporizing all 96, including their four commanders.

Trump’s first step to winning was putting a warfighter in charge. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was a far cry from the civilian who held his position before. The president undid many of Obama’s failing policies by placing Mattis, a 44-year veteran of the Marine Corps, at the head of U.S. military might.

A good example of the difference between Obama and Trump’s views on war can be summed up with a quote from each of secretaries of defense.

Ash Carter, an Obama man through and through, said, “The military option will remain on the table. If there is a good agreement to have, obviously it’s worth waiting for and completing the negotiations.”

A single U.S. airstrike just wiped out one hundred terrorists in Somalia

Mattis, on the other hand, knew “there is only one ‘retirement plan’ for terrorists.”

This is not the first victory the U.S. military has had under the Trump administration. The United States of 2017 is no longer a pushover and laughing stock. The world found that out in early April, as Trump unleashed 59 Tomahawk missiles against an enemy that thought they would get away with crossing a red line. The fighting in Syria has evolved beyond a stalemate, with Mattis cleaning up the remains of the world’s most vile terrorist organization using USMC artillery and lots of bombs.

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The Islamic State terror group is in ruins, a far-cry from the scenes of the Obama era, with pictures showing the terrorists in U.S. trucks.

Now, you’re more likely to find jihadis in bodybags thanks to U.S. ordinance.

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