Last week, the Trump White House was rocked by rumors that CIA Director Mike Pompeo might take over for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The top candidate to fill the open CIA slot is Sen. Tom Cotton, who would vacate a Senate seat from Arkansas, the Clinton home state.

And, of course, it seems, Democrats are already hoping that seat will be filled by the most obvious unemployed Clinton, Chelsea.

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It makes sense, of course. Unlike her parents, Chelsea is not yet universally disliked, and without her mother’s White House or her parents’ Foundation, she’s basically jobless for the foreseeable future (though she does pull in several million each year for serving on the board of directors for Expedia and other outlets tied to major Democratic donors).

In POLITICO, strategist Bill Scher suggests she might be perfect for the job, because Chelsea has the “Clinton name without the Clinton baggage,” as though she were somehow divisible from Bill and Hillary. She wouldn’t hurt for name recognition, he explains, and she’s appeared in the media as a “do-gooder” calling out problems with the Clinton Foundation’s response to crises in Haiti.

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She hasn’t lived in Arkansas since she was 12, but that doesn’t matter, Scher says, because her mother was a successful carpetbagger, moving to New York, where she’d never lived before, solely to run for Senate. And she’s gearing up to run for something someday, so why not just skip straight to the Senate?

There are plenty of reasons: first of all, it’s not evident Chelsea is any more well-liked than her mother or father, and political dynasties are a thing of the past. Counting on nepotism to win an election cost her mother, and counting on 1990s nostalgia to propel a candidacy may have doomed her entire family to the ash heap of history.

And although Chelsea may not be unlikable as a Clinton, she’s plenty unlikeable on her own. She’s had to tone down her Twitter presence, for example, after people started complaining they just couldn’t get away from her.

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Fortunately, no one official has come forward to offer Chelsea’s cause. But that may be only a matter of time.

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