15-year Old Pro Lifer Attacked Outside of Planned Parenthood
15-year Old Pro Lifer Attacked Outside of Planned Parenthood

Purity Thomas is a 15-yr old pro-life high school student. She was peacefully objecting to murder abortion outside of a Planned Parenthood building. A supporter of abortions murder caught wind of their protest and came over to deal out some of that signature liberal tolerance.

That’s when Purity’s face found out just how violent and easily triggered some pro-abortion women can be. See: Planned Parenthood: ‘Safer’ for Black Women to ‘Have Abortion’ Than ‘Give Birth’

Thomas was praying and speaking with women in front of a Planned Parenthood facility when a woman started threatening to beat and “f***” her up, according to Students for Life of America. The woman reportedly then stole a sign reading “All people are made in the image of God,” at which point the students started to record the incident.

At first, you’re probably thinking how extreme this putrid wench is for socking a harmless bystander. Then, you remember she supports an organization that hacks up babies on the reg. Before parting them out like an old Chevy to the highest bidder. Simple assault is no big deal to you when you’re cool with mutilating tiny peeps. See: Planned Parenthood’s Tips on How to ‘Feel Safe’ from Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Family Members… and Mila Kunis Donates to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s Name — Jim Beam Karma…

that's true kramer

Pro-choicers go into kill mode every time they’re confronted with opposition. Probably because even they know what they’re doing is the moral equivalent of Batman & Robin. So, since they’re unable to win the fight on intellectual or ethical merit? Fisticuffs, it is!

The same goes for pretty much every other losing leftist issue (see ANTIFA college professor jailed for using bike lock to viciously attack Trump supporter and Remember the MAGA Hat Thief Edith Macias? DA Just Filed Charges Against Her).

The powerful lesson in all of this? If you’re an anti-infanticide advocate going up against an abortion lover, forget about the talking points. Work on your bob-and-weave. Do some cardio. Don’t neglect the heavy bag. You’ll thank me later.

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