Adorable Jesse Price-Carelli was born with such a full head of thick black hair that his parents needed to give him his first haircut just weeks later.

The mother believes his locks are inherited from his dad Julien Carelli, 37, who has French and Italian heritage, and admits that the tot gets stopped in the street by awestruck strangers.

His full head of thick, dark hair got his attention from women everywhere. When stopped on the street and couldn’t help but want to run their hands through it.

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“His dad Julien Carelli, said the family has affectionately nicknamed him “Wiggy” because his bulging barnet looks fake.


At seven weeks old Jesse had his first haircut, which Amy described as “traumatic”.

His mop has grown and grown. At seven weeks old, he had his first haircut, which Amy said was ‘traumatic.’

She explained: “It started getting into summer and his hair had grown all the way down the back of his neck like a little mullet.

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“I toyed with the idea of leaving it but it was too hot for him.

“I felt terrible cutting my newborn baby’s hair. I didn’t think I’d have to do that for a couple of years.”

Now, though, the tot’s hair has grown back 10 times faster.

Though she mainly had a healthy pregnancy, Amy did experience a little heartburn whilst expecting. According to an old wives tale, this can link to babies being born with an above average amount of hair.

Check out this head of hair -- Baby gets first haircut at 7 weeks old


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