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The increasing divide separating liberals and “the left” has been interesting. The left has gone so bats*** crazy, other liberals are taking a step back saying, “I just want a strong centralized government, I have no idea what your deal with 72 genders is.” It’s particularly bats*** in California (see Punishment is now MORE HARSH for Improper Gender Pronouns Than To Knowingly Spread HIV…andCalifornia: Gender ‘X’ State IDs To Accommodate The ‘Nonbinary’).

Something Bill Burr noticed. He’s not as liberal as he thought.

I thought I was liberal until I moved out [to Los Angeles]. And then there’s just this psycho extra level of liberal, where they are as insane as some of the people on the right. Totally extremist. I find there’s a lot of bullying out here. Just as much labeling, but they’re patting themselves on the back because they think the way they think things should be is so right because they live near an ocean.

It’s not just California though. Case in point:

Shaun King On Trump’s Twitter Beef With LaVar Ball: ‘Ungrateful Is The New N*****’

My theory has always been most liberals aren’t as “liberal” as they think. Leftists just believe Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are merchants of hate, and feel they need to be the opposite. It’s why the left goes out of their way to paint Rush and Fox as Hitler’s hand mittens. Paint your oppositional oligarchs as intolerant bunny weasels, and voila. Now you’re an angel.

‘Womanspreading’ — Yes, here we go, this is now a thing!

Now the left is showing the world who’re the real merchants of hate. Making more sensible people, who used to describe themselves as “liberals” open their eyes.

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