Shocking surveillance footage released Friday showed a Florida sheriff’s deputy walking up to his ex-girlfriend and shooting her before turning the gun on himself.


Boynton Beach police released the video showing Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael DeMarco approaching his ex-girlfriend Yuly Solano with a gun on Oct. 12, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The footage showed Solano walking her dog through the Inlet Harbor Club condominium complex as DeMarco gets out of his unmarked police vehicle and approached her. The two walk side-by-side before going out of a view. A moment later, Solano is seen backing up, putting her hands to her face as DeMarco pointed a gun toward her before it ended.

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“You treat me worse than a dog,” DeMarco reportedly told Solano before he shot her in the arm and twice in her chest. The sheriff’s deputy then shot himself in the head, killing himself.

The Palm Beach Post edited the video but police told the media outlet that the unedited video showed the entire incident, the New York Post reported.

Solano told officials on Nov. 8 while she was hospitalized that she split with DeMarco after seven months of dating a few weeks before the incident “because he was being racist and very possessive of her.”

The victim told officials she was planning on filing a complaint about DeMarco to the condo board but did not have time to do so before the shooting.

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DeMarco told Sheriff’s Lt. Chuck Morris that he was going through the split with Solano and a legal battle over bedroom furniture, the Palm Beach Post reported. He filed the suit in small claims court against Solano.

DeMarco said he bought the furniture and considered them joint property but Solano believed the house equipment was a gift.

However, Solano said DeMarco wanted the furniture back because “he did not want her to have another man sleep on the mattress that he had purchased for them.”

The condominium’s maintenance man, Robert Rozzero, told police the victim told him DeMarco “had been harassing her by constantly calling her cellphone and sending e-mails in the early morning hours. The phone calls were to a point that she had to block his phone.”

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Rozzero said Solano told him she may need to get a restraining order against DeMarco. Riley Cooney, the homeowner’s association officer, told police that Solano told him the sheriff’s deputy “was crazy.”

Solano’s lawyers said they were threatening to sue the sheriff’s office and condominium association for negligence. A GoFundMe account was set up by Solano’s daughter to help raise money for her mother’s medical costs.

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