While you were sleeping overnight, the Senate passed Trump’s tax reform (See: MAGA: Trump says final passage of late-night tax reform bill before Christmas). Damned if I know what it all means. Leftists have gone to plaid over it. Must be a win for taxpayers. The left would go to plaid if the Senate passed Trump’s “2017 Abortion for All, Gender Fluidity for Some Act” just because Trumpity Trumpy Trump Trump Trump. But that’s not the issue here. I just want my ass to stop hurting after I get my taxes done every April. Does this bill do it?

But Democrats have sent their talking points to celebrities. The most common one: tax reform is a giant giveaway to the rich. While the poor folk are ONLY getting an extra $100 a month.

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Yeah, Tim Scott! What do you know about the struggle?

Here’s an artist rendition of what Sen. Scott did to that argument.


He wasn’t done.

Yeah, I’m ok with an extra $100 a month. But I’m also not a pudding head who doesn’t realize tax reform is more than just what the government is giving me.

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Also, and I know we’ve covered this about forty-seven million bajillion times: people who don’t pay much in taxes to begin with (like the SUPER POOR) won’t get much back in tax cuts because, wait for it… THEY WEREN’T PAYING MUCH TO BEGIN WITH.

The people who bend over and take it up the ass every April? They get more back in tax cuts because, wait for it… THEY PAY MORE IN TAXES.

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Here, watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Perfectly Explain Taxes with Clever Bar Analogy. Then watch Steven attack Bernie for being a tax idiot.

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