The White House has officially responded to the charges against General Flynn

Disgraced former General Michael Flynn’s contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December of 2016, after the election and during the Trump transition, was “authorized by the Obama administration.”

Flynn has Flipped: Pleads guilty to lying to FBI, says member of Trump transition…

Jim Acosta also tweeted out the following, but as most already know he’s had a chip on his should against Trump since the beginning.

The meetings that the “senior WH official,” who is assumed to be Jared Kushner, is referencing here were authorized specifically during the Trump transition by the Obama Administration. If the testimony that Flynn gives in exchange for the guilty plea he entered Friday turns out as everyone expects, it will likely be that very “senior WH official” who is implicated as the one who authorized the relevant meetings with Kislyak.

Michael Flynn charged in Russia investigation, guilty plea expected

As leftist forums continue to boast this means “Trumps going down”, I’m left with the question if they actually read the charges?

Here is who is ‘thrilled’ that Flynn ‘flipped’ on President Trump

His plea to a single felony count of false statements made him the first official of the Trump White House to be charged so far in the criminal investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. His action could be an ominous sign for a White House shadowed for the past year by investigations, turning Flynn into a potentially key government cooperator as prosecutors examine whether the Trump campaign and Russia worked together to influence the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.

Mueller has ‘enough evidence’ to charge Michael Flynn and his son in Russia probe

Friday’s developments don’t resolve the paramount question of possible Trump-Russia coordination in the campaign, but they do show that Flynn lied to the FBI about multiple conversations last December with the Russian ambassador to the United States

Notice how the Presidents name is officially mentioned zero times?



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