Victoria’s Secret Models Under Fire After Singing N-Word Backstage (VIDEO)
Victoria’s Secret Models Under Fire After Singing N-Word Backstage (VIDEO)

Some Victoria’s Secret models are being shredded by fans after a video of the Angles singing a song with the N-word was uploaded online.

The models, who were backstage at a fashion display in Shanghai, were filmed singing rapper Cardi B’s hit song ‘Bodak Yellow,’ which includes the line: ‘I don’t wanna choose and I’m quick to cut a n**** off.’

The video, which was originally uploaded to the vlog of model Karlie Kloss, quickly caused a stir online for their apparent use of the racial slur, with some even calling for all the white models to be fired.

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“Welp @VictoriasSecret plz fire all of them for saying the n-word all carefree,” wrote Jasmyn Sampson, the culture editor at GIPHY.

“Nah. That n-word was too loud and clear for there only to be one black girl in this room,” wrote the writer Mikelle Street.

“If you’re not black, don’t say the N-word,” wrote another user. “Point. Black. Period.”

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It is not the first time that the exclusive lingerie brand has been criticized for supposed racism. Last year, an editor for the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan accused the brand of cultural appropriation over the designing of “racist” lingerie, describing it as a “sexist, patriarchal, mostly white corporation.”

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Meanwhile, the company’s annual “What Is Sexy” social media campaign also led to accusations of racism over the lack of minority women being featured in the company’s campaign.

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