This Guy Was Just Nailed for ‘Online Rape.’ Yes, Really…
This Guy Was Just Nailed for ‘Online Rape.’ Yes, Really…

With all the graceful stories of pervery you’ve been reading this week (see Fifth Accuser: Army Veteran Claims Al Franken Felt Her Up in 2003 and Now He’s Sorry” Disgraced Lauer breaks silence as disturbing details emerge about his sexual…), we thought we’d give you another reason to pop a Prozac. These last few months may have totally demolished any last ounce of faith you had left in humanity. But don’t be too quick to cue the Adele music and eat your emotions — the following guy just got nailed for his sick actions.

A 41-year-old Swedish man was convicted of rape and sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday for coercing young teenagers in Canada, Britain and the United States to perform sexual acts in front of webcams by threatening them or their families.

A court in Uppsala, Sweden found Bjorn Samstrom guilty of online sexual offenses involving 27 juvenile victims between 2015 and early 2017. Samstrom threatened to post photos of the 26 girls and one boy on pornography sites or to kill their relatives unless they performed sex acts as he watched from Sweden, prosecutors said.

The court said that while Samstrom never met his victims in person, he was guilty of rape, sexual coercion and other charges.

Samstrom admitted coercing the teens — all under age 15 at the time — but denied his actions constituted rape.

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Actually, Sweden has expanded its legal definition of rape. So… yes, this could constitute rape according to Swedish law. Of course, we’re not saying this man physically forced himself on anyone. We have a few functioning brain cells and a whole lot of coffee left here. But he did force underage people – CHILDREN – to engage in sexual acts with him. Methinks any sane person would say this is a fair punishment. Surpassed only by castration and a banishment onto a remote desert island with a creepy colony of willy whackers and bum patters. Actually, that’s a stellar idea. We’ll call it “Weinstein Country.”

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In reality, we don’t know where most of these other, recent allegations will end up. Hopefully at court convictions. But while we’re waiting for court dates, let’s keep companies who protect creeps accountable.

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