Desperate Newsweek Just Embarrassed Themselves with Hit Piece on Ivanka...
Desperate Newsweek Just Embarrassed Themselves with Hit Piece on Ivanka...

Hospitals are overwhelmed. They don’t have enough beds. The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has swept the nation in an epidemic unparalleled even by “P*ssy Hat Disease” (seeHere is why Meryl Streep Is Suffering From Trump Derangement Syndrome and Liberals Losing It! What President Trump Wants to Sell In Mexico While His Wall…). The latest patient is Newsweek, who has soiled their underwear in an embarrassing display of desperation.

Newsweek’s hate for the Trump’s is so strong, they actually said Ivanka plagiarized Ivanka’s speech in India. You read that right.

Several lines the 36-year-old delivered Tuesday had been directly pulled from her poorly attended November 2 speech in Tokyo, where she attended the World Assembly for Women alongside Japanese President Shinzo Abe.

“When women work, it creates a unique multiplier effect,” Trump said in Hyderabad, citing the same exact line from her Tokyo speech. Her words continued to mirror the speech she gave just a few weeks ago: “Women are more likely than men to hire other women, and to give them access to capital, mentorship and networks. Women are also more likely to reinvest their income back in their families and communities.”

Of course, Trump is far from the first person to pull from their old speeches—government officials, especially those campaigning, routinely use their old talking points in updated talks with voters across the country. Even comedians reuse the same punchlines, however inauthentic it may be.

In that case, J.K. Rowling is a candid plagiarizer. She extended the same concept to seven books. Witch. Reality says any creative mind uses this method: if you find something that works, use it again.

A better term for what Ivanka did? “Recycle.” As in “reused a formerly used device.”

Still, Trump’s recycling of her old speech could be more significant than simply her not having anything else to say about women’s empowerment. The repetitive lines could show where the first daughter’s focus lies in the White House, and what accomplishments she hopes to align with her newfound political brand.

Oh, so they do know about the word “recycle.” If only they’d used that in their clickbaity headline.

Repetitive lines can also convey uniformity, determination, and concise thinking. She’s not aimlessly wandering about the streets of D.C. with a pink kitty hat sporting nothing but vajayjay leggings. Unsure of what kind of legislation she wants. Maybe the left would prefer she screamed at the sky (See: Watch: Maxine Waters SCREAMS ‘Impeach 45’ on Stage at Star-Studded Glamour Awards or called for the extermination of Jews. Like Lind Sarsour (see Read and Watch Neo-Marxist Linda Sarsour’s Special Message For White People).

The left’s desperate hate for President Trump (and his family) has now led to this: entire articles written about someone re-using lines from one speech in a second speech.

Fake news.

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