A White House correspondent for the right-wing blog Gateway Pundit was arrested on Tuesday night after he purportedly got into a physical altercation with a young woman who appeared to take his notes.

Lucian Wintrich, who describes himself as the “D.C. Bureau Chief” for the Gateway Pundit, spoke at an event titled “It’s OK To Be White” at the University of Connecticut which was supposed to be about “identity politics.”

During his speech, some audience members shouted and repeatedly interrupted him, making it hard for others to hear him. However, as his speech appeared to be winding down, a young woman approached the front of the classroom where Wintrich was speaking and appeared to take his notes from him.

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Wintrich responded by storming towards her as she tried to leave the classroom and appeared to yank her backward, trying to get his notes back. Police in the classroom immediately grabbed Wintrich and escorted him out of the classroom, arresting him for “breach of peace.”


Many came to the defense of Wintrich’s actions, arguing he was in the right for trying to retrieve his property, while others were outraged that he would grab a woman in the fashion that he did, all over a few pieces of paper.

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro didn’t disagree about the note-stealing, but thought differently about Wintrich’s response:

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Both were wrong in my opinion. Obviously stealing notes it a childish and immature thing to do. But so is how Lucian responded. What do you think? Proper response? Both wrong in how this was handled? Lucian right?

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