On Monday, President Donald Trump hilariously mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at an event held in the Oval Office paying tribute Native American code talkers who helped the U.S. defeat its enemies in World War II.

During the event, Trump hammered Warren, calling her “Pocahontas” — a term he has often used when referring to her because she has reportedly falsely claimed to be Cherokee Indian.

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In 2012, The Atlantic responded to Warren’s claim that she was part Native American by underscoring that she is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, not enrolled in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, nor is she a member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee. “Nor could she become one, even if she wanted to.”

The only “evidence” of Warren’s claim about her supposed Native American ancestry is an “unsubstantiated thirdhand report that she might be 1/32 Cherokee”:

Despite a nearly three week flap over her claim of “being Native American,” the progressive consumer advocate has been unable to point to evidence of Native heritage except for a unsubstantiated thirdhand report that she might be 1/32 Cherokee. Even if it could be proven, it wouldn’t qualify her to be a member of a tribe: Contrary to assertions in outlets from The New York Times to Mother Jones that having 1/32 Cherokee ancestry is “sufficient for tribal citizenship,” “Indian enough” for “the Cherokee Nation,” and “not a deal-breaker,” Warren would not be eligible to become a member of any of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes based on the evidence so far surfaced by independent genealogists about her ancestry.

Warren is accused of using this claim to land a position at Harvard, where she earned $350,000 per year as a teacher.

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Below are a few examples of other times President Trump has called out “Pocahontas”:

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