The View is required viewing for paunchy liberal out of work couch-potatoes. Nothing pumps liberals up more than a handful of hags on a quest to withhold viewers of their last remaining brain cells. Case in point. The haggiest hag of them all, Joy Behar, accused pro-lifers of only caring about children when they’re in the womb.

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“It’s kind of consistent, though, in a way, when you think of a lot of these people who are anti-choice,” she said. “They’re very big on the fetus, but soon as the child is born, they don’t vote for additional health for the child.”

“No, they won’t pay for that,” she added, at prompting from Haines, essentially making the argument that bigger government is the only moral choice and overlooking the free help that pregnancy centers offer.

According to Behar, those who want to protect the unborn don’t care about children after birth.

So, according to Joy, if you think murder is bad, but you aren’t a Bern-feeling socialist, you’re a giant hypocrite.

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Firstly, what’s with Joy assuming pro-lifers’ political opinions outside of the abortion issue? You can be a soy aficionado or Captain ‘Murica himself and still frown on infanticide. The real target in Joy’s rant? Conservatives.

Conservatives will readily admit they aren’t wild over socialism. The government dictating where the greenbacks go is about as effective as Kevin Spacey in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. That still doesn’t justify plugging in the Hoover and sucking unborn babes’ brains out.

Joy is making blanket assumptions about what pro-lifers care about. Even her own co-hosts, with the exception of Sister Mary Clarence, thought she was out of her gourd for saying that.

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Shocker incoming. People can care about other people without involving the government. But, good luck explaining that to Joy.


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